Wolf Oil Corporation is a family business established in 1955, which has since become the biggest independent oil manufacturer in Europe, who specialises on the manufacture and marketing of oils, lubricants and technical liquids. The enterprise owns the trademarks Wolf and Champion. The product range comprises of various oils and lubricants for all sectors of the market.

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Cars Trucks Motorcycles and scooters Transmission Industrial Specialty oils for tractors etc.
0w40 5w30 5w50ester Multivehicle ATF CLP100 Stou10w40
5w30C1 5w40 Ultra Crono10w40 ATF DIII CLP150 Utto 10w
5w30LL 10w40ms 15w40fun ATF DII CLP220 Utto 10w30
5w40PI 10w40s2 20w50 75w80 ZF CLP320 2T Agriline
5w40 10w40 Crono 2t 75w90 CLP460 Agriline SAE30
10w40 15w40 Scooter 2t 75w140LS Compressor 46 2T Outboard
15w40 SLCF Translube 80w 80w140 HVLP68 LHM
80w90 Way Oil 68 CHF
80w90LS HLP32 DOT 3&4
85w140 HLP46